Superior Family Medical Associates, P.C.

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Child and doctor

When an unexpected illness or minor accident occurs, turn to Superior Family Medical Associates, P.C. for the care you and your family need. We offer same day appointments so you can be made comfortable quickly.

For your satisfaction, we accept most insurance plans.


• Minor wounds and cuts that require sutures and dressings

• Colds, allergies, and sore throats

• Pneumonia / bronchitis

•Asthma and COPD flare ups

• Acute aches and pains

• Some types of fractures


Acute conditions include:

Our staff at Superior Family Medical Associates, P.C. strives to give you the highest degree of medical care that we possibly can. Your good health is our top priority. Know that we offer affordable health treatments, a relaxed environment, and unbeatable customer service. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Trusted and highly skilled

We understand how uncomfortable a sudden bout with the flu can be or how much a wound suffered on the job can hurt. We work quickly and competently for your well-being.

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Turn to us for acute conditions

Child and doctor