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Adolescent and parent

Our office will help to keep your adolescent on the right track with information on injury prevention, driving safety, substance use, sexual behavior, diet and exercise, and dental health.

For your convenience, we accept most insurance plans.


• Vaccinations

• Growth assessment

• Mental health assessment

• Puberty assessment

• Questions and answers


Adolescent exams include:

When you bring your child to Superior Family Medical Associates, P.C. plan on amazing service and affordable pricing. We want you and your family to always feel welcome at our office. Stop in today and ask our helpful staff about same day appointments. Here's to your health!

Affordable and friendly

During the formative adolescent years, your child's body and mind are going through many changes. From the onset of puberty to the late teens, medical care is imperative for your child's good health.

Adolescence can be tough

Keep your older kids and teens healthy

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