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Schedule an appointment with our team to discuss and evaluate the management of your chronic health problems including drug therapies, diet, exercise programs, and other ways to keep you feeling your best.

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  • Health evaluation

  • Follow-up treatment

  • Medication management

  • Routine check up

  • Health education on chronic conditions

  • Personalized health plans


Chronic care services:

For over 30 years, Superior Family Medical Associates, P.C. has been providing you and the entire Sault Ste. Marie area with quality health care. Our prices are affordable and we accept most insurance plans.

Experienced and reliable

When you're experiencing prolonged illness or health concern, turn to Superior Family Medical Associates, P.C. for the care and commitment that you need. Our staff is seasoned and well versed in many areas of chronic care medicine.

Keeping you healthy is what we do

Managing your chronic conditions

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